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"The notion that the Internet is, or ever really was, some other, cyber, space, is wrong headed." In other words, of course our Facebook interactions reveal the reality of our friendships — they are part and parcel to our friendships. There aren’t two separate spheres of online and offline, but one continuous reality, which is at various points augmented by technology — the phone or Facebook, for examples — or the tools of the voice, gestures, and facial expressions. Terms like "real world," "virtual world," and "IRL," which the study’s authors rely on heavily, undermine a better understanding of this integration.

Jurgenson continues, “All this said, we should not use this study to say that the on and offline are the same. Face-to-face interaction and Facebook interaction give us a different sense of what is possible and impossible, what researchers often call the ‘affordances’ of these different ways to interact.”

social-media theorist Nathan Jurgenson

Facebook ‘Friends,’ and Why We Should Lose the Scare Quotes - Atlantic Mobile


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