A Momentary Flow

Updating Worldviews one World at a time

Researchers at the Cognitive Computing Research Group at the University of Memphis claim that cognitive computing, like the Roman God Janus, has two faces. In the case of cognitive computing, they claim there is a science face and an engineering face. “The science face fleshes out the global workspace theory of consciousness into a full cognitive model of how minds work. The engineering face of cognitive computing explores architectural designs for software information agents and cognitive robots that promise more flexible, more human-like intelligence within their domains.” [“Cognitive Computing Research Group,” University of Memphis] Frankly, the business world is more interested in the engineering face of cognitive computing (i.e., how artificial intelligence can help companies better understand the world in which they operate); however, you really can’t have one face without the other. That’s why commercial firms as well as academic institutions are pursuing cognitive computing.

Enterra Insights: Cognitive Computing