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"By 2113 we’ll have gone through a dozen or so technosocial-fashion generations. Smartphones give way to tablets to phablets to wearables to implantables to swallowables to replaceable eyeballs to neo-sinus body-nanofab systems (using mucous as a raw material) to brainwebs to body-rentals … and those are increasingly considered "so 2110." And with all of these (or whatever really emerges), there are shifting behavioral norms. Don’t look at your phone at the dinner table. Don’t replace your eyeball in public. Don’t reboot your neo-sinus in church …"


All indicators are pointing toward people living well past 100 years, and in good health and vitality. Aging is slowing down and will be reversed to a large degree … And during this timeframe, it will be not only customary but highly consequential to back up our brains on a moment-to-moment basis. Further, transferring and/or copying a person’s brain, including consciousness and mind, onto computational systems will become a trend. At this juncture, it will be optimal for a person to co-exist in real time (the physical world) and within simulations (virtual environments, for example).

In light of these changes, the very notion of death will be redefined to include new criteria for death, including a person who wants to drop out of society for a span of a year or tens of years and then reenter life. The very notion of time will be changed and become less linear and more exponential. This particular change – the change of the human predetermined biological and genetically programed life span – will be a major shift in consciousness for all humanity … A person could select to live longer or not. That will be an individual choice.

(via What Will Human Cultures Be Like in 100 Years?)


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    This calls to mind some conversations on cyborgian and revamped ethics when/if this becomes possible. Brain uploading,...
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    “By 2113 we’ll have gone through a dozen or so technosocial-fashion generations. Smartphones give way to tablets to...
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